The Writings of Jerome | Thinking Critically
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Thinking Critically

After spending several years in the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), I received a BA from the University of Notre Dame concentrating my studies in early Christianity. I went on to do graduate studies in cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado. While my professional career has been in business, I continued my interests in comparative religions and religious philosophy including publishing THE WRITINGS OF JEROME in 2010.


I published the TAO TE CHING as interpreted by Jerome in 2016 after spending years studying the Tao and rewriting it in 21st century English. In 2018 I am publishing THINKING CRITICALLY which is a compilation of some of my writings that I wish the readers to utilize as exercises in improving their abilities to think more critically.

Do not try to control anyone except yourself
If you give up dominating others
You learn to respect each person
When you manage yourself
Your desires will be more moderate
And you will learn humility
Learn to identify options for solving problems
What info do I need? Which is best? And why?
Remember worry is negative while action is positive
Learn to be a citizen of the world
Study problems and solutions
From other cultures’ perspectives
Study what is news and entertainment
News is history and economics
While entertainment is sex and violence
Understand the difference between sex and love
Between freedom fighters and terrorists
Between collateral damage and the killing of innocents
Know the difference between faith and facts
And between believe and can
Know the five most important goals of your friend
Who do you blame for the failures in your life?
Ex-spouse, lover, parents, siblings?
Ex-bosses, co-workers? friends? Or yourself?
Do not be ethnocentric, intolerant, arrogant, biased
Do read, listen, help others, reflect, evolve